Olive groves

The Val Vibrata is a valley that includes twelve villages in the province of Teramo and it develops along the course of the small stream, also named Vibrata. The torrent Vibrata originates from the eastern slope of the Montagna dei Fiori at 1697 meters above sea level and it flows into the Adriatic Sea near Alba Adriatica.

Our valley claim the benefit of the proximity to both the mountains and the sea, which manifests itself in a pleasant climate with fresh air and frequent sunny days. The main varieties of olives that naturally grow here are: leccino, frantoio, dritta, tortiglione and carboncella. The oil obtained has harmonious flavors, intense fruity, balanced bitterness and green color.

Our oil mill based in Nereto offers its services to local producers of olives that comes from the neighboring villages of the Val Vibrata: Corropoli, Controguerra, Sant’Omero, Sant’Egidio, Colonnella, Alba Adriatica, Torano Nuovo, Ancarano.

Colle Palazzo estate

In addition to the service we offer to the local producers, we
dedicate our attention to the cultivation of our own olive grove.

The Colle Palazzo estate covers an area of about 15000 square meters along the west side of a hill, facing the two mountains that outline the horizon: Monte Piselli and Montagna dei Fiori.

A hundred of olive trees that grow here are about fifty years old. The main varieties are frantoio, leccino, carboncella, tortiglione, dritta and pendolino.

The main Val Vibrata olive tree varieties 


It is a typically Tuscan variety, very rustic and productive, now spread all over Italy.

The oil obtained has different characteristics if it is collected at the beginning or at the end of the maturation. The oil has a green color and a medium spicy and fruity flavor if it is obtained by early harvested olives. At advanced olives ripening, the oil obtained is yellow and the spicy, bitter and fruity flavors become mild.


It is an ancient olive variety widespread in the provinces of Teramo and Pescara. Its name comes from the unusual right-handed twisted trunk.

Tortiglione olives have a late ripening and are very rich in polyphenols, which give the oil its characteristic bitter and spicy taste.


This olive tree variety comes from the Tuscan region and it is currently one of the most cultivated varieties in Italy and in Europe.

This variety has a rather late ripening and an abundant fruiting. The oil is clear, green and with a spicy flavor at the end.


It is a typical olive variety of central Italy. 

Carboncella olive tree is famous for its high oil yield and for the quality of the product obtained. It has an early ripening when the olives color turn dark purple.

New plants

In 2019, part of the agricultural funds were converted into a new olive grove. Currently, about 220 small olive trees are growing in the estate and will be able to produce olives and oil in few years.