Our story

In 1942, Gesulmino, the progenitor of the Di Berardino's family, bought the first oil mill together with his brothers.

In 1959, Gesulmino started his own business relying on the help of his sons Giovanni and Marino and he bought a new Pieralisi plant equipped with a washing machine, a cruscher, two presses and a separator. The plant was then updated year by year, improving the production capacity.

In 1999, Giovanni and Marino became owners of the oil mill and they created a new production line equipped with a M2 Pieralisi decanter, replacing the traditional line with presses.

In 2005, Gesulmino, Giovanni’s son, succeeded to him in the ownership of the oil mill and he filled the role of plant director.

In 2012, the oil mill was again renewed: the Leopard multi-phase decanter was installed and subsequently the mullers were replaced with the rotating hammers for the olives pressing.

Today, the management of the oil mill is entrusted to the grandchildren of the progenitor, Gesulmino and Gabriellino, respectively Giovanni and Marino’s sons. They continue to enhance the resources of the province of Teramo to bring an authentic product of guaranteed quality to the table of their customers.